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Brendan Hickey

Head of Customer Growth

Brendan HickeyBrendan brings over 20 years of sales and customer growth experience with innovative companies like Oracle, SuccessFactors, and Gem to his role at Diversity Resources. He plays an integral part in helping organizations achieve their diversity goals. Throughout his career, Brendan has learned the importance of understanding people on a personal level, recognizing that empathy and genuine connection pave the way for impactful support.

Drawing from his upbringing in a multiethnic neighborhood near Chicago and experiences within his multiracial family, Brendan has a profound understanding and appreciation of diversity within the workplace and beyond. He has witnessed the positive impact of different backgrounds coming together harmoniously, but also the challenges posed by racism and prejudice.

In his personal time, Brendan embraces life’s blessings alongside family and friends. Whether it’s relishing different cuisines, enjoying music, or travelling, Brendan celebrates the richness of life with enthusiasm.

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