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Diversity Training Video Tips

Video is possibly today’s most important tool for diversity training.

Why? People increasingly prefer visual information. Take for example YouTube, the third most popular website on the planet. In any 24 hour period, an average of 23% of internet users worldwide visit that one video site alone.

Add in the fact that many people are increasingly visual learners, and video is an essential component of your diversity training mix.

But equally essential is choosing the best video, one that will meet your unique training objectives. Here are some tips and tricks to ensure you get the best diversity training videos to meet your goals and needs:

  1. Industry appropriate? It’s important to select a video that is industry-neutral or is appropriate for a variety of settings. For example, if you’re in health care avoid showing a hospitality video.
  2. Support materials? What’s the quantity and quality of support materials? Are you allowed to make copies of support materials, or will you be prompted to buy additional expensive workbooks, etc.
  3. Retain attention? Is the video engaging? If your trainees don’t watch, they won’t learn. Pick diversity training videos that offer useful information, in addition to being engaging, visual, and believable.
  4. Clear learning points? After watching a video, do you remember the key learning points? It’s essential that learning points are clear and easy to remember.
  5. Does the video show rather than tell? A bad video talks about behavior, a good video shows behavior. If you want talking, try an audio recording instead.
  6. Is it easy to use? Does the video come with suggested agendas? This will save you time and get a training program up and running quickly.

Check back next month for Part 2, which will explore 5 additional tricks and tips for selecting the best diversity training video for you. Follow these simple guidelines in selecting diversity training videos, and you’re more likely to have enjoyable, effective training!

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