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Autism Acceptance Month Activities

By: Jessica MousseauDiversity Insights
Autism Acceptance Month Activities

Wondering about Autism Acceptance Month activities? Learn about what is Autism Acceptance Month and what you can do this month.

Autism Acceptance Month is a worldwide health awareness event that takes place in April. It aims to increase understanding and acceptance of autistic people. To create a more diverse and inclusive world, we encourage you to participate in Autism Acceptance Month activities. Dedicate this month to reducing the stigma surrounding autism by learning how autistic individuals communicate and interact.

The United Nations recognizes April 2 as World Autism Day. It’s a time to reflect on the advocacy for the rights of all autistic individuals across the world. It’s important to remember that Autism Acceptance Month is more than just a hashtag but is a chance to learn about those different from you.

What is Autism Acceptance Month?

Autism Awareness Week was first celebrated in 1973 when the Autism Society of America first raised awareness about this then-little-known developmental disability. Over the years, efforts have significantly increased public understanding of the challenges faced by autistic individuals throughout the world.

In 2011, the first Autism Acceptance Month was commemorated. Its goal is to promote acceptance and understanding while celebrating the unique strengths of people on the autism spectrum. Embracing neurodiversity highlights its importance to an inclusive workplace and world.

Why is Celebrating Autism Acceptance Month Important?

This month aims to promote a positive, inclusive message about autism. By having a dedicated month, we highlight not only the challenges, but also the unique abilities of those  with autism. It’s an opportunity to educate about the stereotypes and stigma surrounding autism spectrum disorder and is a time to draw attention to it in a more positive light.

Suggestions for Autism Acceptance Month Activities

Host a Fundraiser

Consider organizing a 5k autism awareness walk or run where your employees and their families can pledge money for their participation. Donations can be sent to the Autism Partnership Foundation.

Spread Kindness

A puzzle piece is a universal symbol of the autism spectrum. Encourage your staff to write kind messages on sticky notes or even on Post-It Custom Puzzle Pieces and spread them around the office.

Educate Your Team

Educating your staff about neurodiversity is a useful way to help them better understand those different from them. Ultimately, the best Autism Acceptance Month Activities are the ones that build unity and promote inclusivity. Encourage a neurodiverse employee to share their personal story.

Learn More About the Autism Community in April

By understanding neurodiversity in the workplace, whether Autism, ADHD, or Down Syndrome, among others, you create a better world. By fostering a positive work culture where everyone can thrive, your organization’s success will soar.

To dive deeper into this topic and to learn about other important DEI topics that impact your workplace, try a free trial of our online Diversity Calendar.


What’s the difference between autism acceptance and autism awareness?

With acceptance, the focus is on understanding, celebrating, and being inclusive of neurodiversity in the workplace and beyond. Awareness, while still important, focuses more on the existence of the condition on its own.

What color represents Autism Acceptance Month?

While the rainbow is commonly associated with the Autism community, the color blue is often used as it represents calmness. Wear blue on April 2, World Autism Acceptance Day, to show your support for the autism community whether with a blue ribbon or your favorite blue shirt.

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