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Building the Virtual Team
Communication Across Cultural Diversity

Best Seller! As businesses increasingly outsource operations across the globe, it's essential that you train your people how to work across technology with other cultures. To survive in business today, you need to master the often overlooked but potentially damaging impact of ancient culture on 21st century communications.


Corporation: $595.00
Local/County/State Gov't: $535.50
Non-profit: $505.75
Fed. Gov't / Education: $476.00

Building the Virtual Team: Communication Across Cultural Diversity observes a group leader and the problems she faces in managing a virtual team, and tries to lead her managers in Asia, India, Africa and Latin America.

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Benefits of this training program include:

With Building the Virtual Team: Communication Across Cultural Diversity, you will:

Designed to stimulate lively discussion and effective learning, this is an easy-to-use yet highly-effective team building training program. This cutting-edge dramatization will enable you to get maximum virtual team benefit, and an ideal training program for team building.


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