Respect vs. Harassment

Harassing someone because of their sex, race, ethnicity, religion, weight, sexual orientation, age, etc., can result in substantial liability and/or workplace conflict for employers and employees.

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Employers who solely focus on sexual harassment prevention leave themselves and their diverse workers at risk for other serious behaviors that lead to conflict and liability. This important EEO/diversity program/workshop teaches employees, managers and resource personnel how to resolve all forms of harassment and other disrespectful behaviors such as male bashing and "horseplay" before they negatively impact on morale and productivity. This integrated visual and print curriculum's four separately available instructional units provide meaningful learning in one to six-hour skill-based sessions.

The employee workshop's two modules teach everyone how to recognize, confront, resolve and prevent harassing and disrespectful behaviors based on appearance, gender, sex, race, religion, age, ethnicity, national origin and sexual orientation. The managerial workshop's first module provides in-depth training in receiving/responding to complaints and preventing even subtle retaliation. Participants gain hands-on practice by working through a realistic sexual harassment complaint compounded by the victim's past participation and a religious harassment counter-charge. A second independent module teaches managers and resource staff to heal damaged relationships by conducting separate dispute resolution meetings for the involved parties and impacted coworkers.

The user-friendly facilitator's kit includes a comprehensive facilitator's manual and a trainer video and booklet with advice on administering assessment instruments, facilitating large group activities and dealing with hostile participants

Respect vs. Harassment is designed to:

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Respect Vs. Harassment Series

(6 Licensed Videos Modules including Facilitation Guides) Series discount price $3995

Employee Program (2 Licensed Videos including Facilitation Guide) $1895

Module 1-How To Recognize and Prevent Harassment $995
Module 2-How to Resolve Harassment situations $995
Participant Guides for the Employee Program are $10 each per module or $15 each for both modules

Management Program (2 Licensed Videos including Facilitation Guide) $1895

Module 1-How To Receive & Resolve Harassment Complaints $995
Module 2-Managing The Healing Process $995
Participant Guides for the Management Program are $10 each per module or $15 each for both modules

Master Training Techniques (1 Licensed Video and Facilitation Guide) $995

Effective Intervention Techniques (1 Licensed Video and Facilitation Guide) $995
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