Harrassment Hurts: It’s Personal




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Harassment Hurts: It’s Personal explores the pain and cost of harassment, covering such topics as age, race, sexual orientation, political affiliation, pregnancy, ethnicity, sexual harassment and much more.  This program explains harassment and uses personalized stories and detailed legal and policy definitions to cover all types of harassment in organizations and workplaces.  Harassment hurts us all–from individuals to entire companies–and Harassment Hurts: It’s Personal is a comprehensive program under twenty minutes that explores issues of harassment, their ramifications and their remedies.

Opening Lines: Exploring Harassment

Key Learning Points

  • Understand and learn what harassment is and isn’t.
  • Learn the different types of harassment and their negative ramifications.
  • Through individual narratives, learn the negative consequences of various types of harassment.
  • Explore sexual as well as other types of harassment. For example, discrimination based on any differences such as sexual orientation, marital status, political affiliation and much more.
  • See how statistics demonstrate the prevalence of harassment in the workplace.
  • Learn how to speak up about harassment and where to turn if you are harassed.

Includes: DVD, Meeting Opener DVD, Leader’s Guide, Reproducible Participant Materials & PowerPoint Presentation on CD-ROM

Length: 16 minutes


French and Spanish Versions Available

Item #: HHP-16DVD

For more information or to order a video, e-mail diversity@diversityresources.com or call (800) 682-1261 .

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  • understanding the challenges of managing multicultural teams in the workplace
  • developing an effective cross-cultural leadership plan
  • finding out how to communicate effectively with other cultures
  • dealing effectively with differences in values and priorities
  • discovering how to build effective working relationships
  • understanding that awareness is a “two-way street”: all cultures need to adapt
  • learning how to bridge differences and create a balanced approach
  • enjoy turnkey solutions: just pop in a DVD! Support materials make training even easier
  • create dynamic learning: break up live training with colorful, engaging visuals
  • provide outside expertise: our real-life scenarios are backed by a who’s who of content experts
  • use visual learning: bring topics to life to achieve faster, more effective learning

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