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Part 1 – A New Generation @ Work
Part 2 – Engaging Gen Y

Also available in Spanish and French

What makes Generation Y different? What experiences have influenced their attitudes, values and work styles? What do they need to be successful at work? How can organizations engage and inspire them to maximize their impact and productivity?

These questions are becoming increasingly important as the largest generation in history begins entering the workforce. In the next few years, Gen Y will constitute 38% of all employees. They are smart, adaptable, energetic, skilled and eager to make their mark. At the same time, these young people do things differently and enter the world of employment with great expectations and a culture that may be unfamiliar to many of us.

To help you better prepare for the task of engaging, inspiring and productively channeling the energies of your new employees, we have created AWESOME!, a 2-part video-based training program. Part 1, “A New Generation @ Work”, presents 24 Gen Y employees from a wide range of occupations who share what makes them tick. Part 2, “Engaging Gen Y”, introduces 5 managers who present their views on how to help Millennials succeed. You’ll be enlightened, energized and entertained!

  • 2 videos, 10 minutes each
  • Available on DVD or via online Streamed Learning
  • A comprehensive facilitation package accompanies the program and includes a facilitator’s guide, PowerPoint slides, reproducible handouts and program transcripts
  • Videos cannot be ordered separately

For more information or to receive a free preview of this program, contact…

Toll Free: 800-865-5549
Email: diversity@diversityresources.com

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  • DVD, VHS, online streamed learning
  • Also available in Spanish and French

For more information or to order a video, e-mail diversity@diversityresources.com or call (800) 682-1261 .

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  • understanding the challenges of managing multicultural teams in the workplace
  • developing an effective cross-cultural leadership plan
  • finding out how to communicate effectively with other cultures
  • dealing effectively with differences in values and priorities
  • discovering how to build effective working relationships
  • understanding that awareness is a “two-way street”: all cultures need to adapt
  • learning how to bridge differences and create a balanced approach
  • enjoy turnkey solutions: just pop in a DVD! Support materials make training even easier
  • create dynamic learning: break up live training with colorful, engaging visuals
  • provide outside expertise: our real-life scenarios are backed by a who’s who of content experts
  • use visual learning: bring topics to life to achieve faster, more effective learning

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