FMLA in a Nutshell – the “TAKEAWAY” for Managers

Enjoy free preview now! FMLA in a Nutshell — the “TAKEAWAY” for Managers™ is a conversational, easy-to-use program for managers that explains the Family and Medical Leave Act—its significance and its requirements. This concise program is both comprehensive and simple to understand, with short vignettes that illustrate and dramatize the material presented. This 9-minute program … Continue reading FMLA in a Nutshell – the “TAKEAWAY” for Managers

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Cultural Detective® Cultural Detective® helps you increase global business performance, productivity and profits by building loyalty, teamwork and return on investment. You and your employees can use these downloadable global effectiveness tools immediately to achieve the bottom-line results that intercultural competence can bring to your organization. Use them to enhance your personal performance, in executive … Continue reading View Packages

Virtual Teams

Virtual Teams Many companies rely increasingly on virtual teamwork to accomplish critical business objectives. New travel restrictions limit the ability of team members to meet face-to-face, and conference calls are increasingly becoming the standard mode of communication. If you have a teleconference or videoconference scheduled with remote team members this month, here are some suggested … Continue reading Virtual Teams

Jack Cade’s Nightmare III

Jack Cade’s Nightmare III: Caught in the Crossfire Jack Cade’s Nightmare I | Jack Cade’s Nightmare II The workplace has become more stressful than ever before and relentlessly competitive. If you’re not careful, a manager’s job today can become a nightmare. Just ask Jack Cade. Preview Video The workplace has become more stressful than ever … Continue reading Jack Cade’s Nightmare III

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