Power of Diversity online training program

The Power of Diversity Online Training Program

Discovery, Dialogue and Dimensions

The Power of Diversity is an online training program covering the essentials of diversity and inclusion.The program is easy, engaging and effective, providing a new way to look at diversity and practice awareness and inclusion.

Business Issues – The course is designed to help your employees discover why diversity is a business issue. The Power of Diversity explores key terms related to our differences, and uncovers biases that are commonly unknown – or misunderstood – about people who are different than ourselves.

Interactive Exercises – Your employees will enjoy the experience of engaging in a variety of interactive exercises that explore how we’re taught to think and feel about differences, and how this influences our behavior with people who are different from ourselves.

Micro-Inequities – In addition, this online training course explores the topic of micro-inequities. These are those seemingly small incidents that accumulate over time and remind employees that others perceive them as “different” in some way.

Role Plays – Towards the end of the Power of Diversity, your employees will view several vignettes that represent typical workplace interactions. They’ll be challenged to incorporate new learning, and determine how to more effectively handle these types of situations.

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