Please Respect My Generation

Please Respect My Generation!



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For the first time, we have as many as five different generations together in the workplace. Please Respect My Generation! bridges the gap between them and shows audiences how to avoid conflict and increase productivity in their generationally diverse workplace. By learning about life experiences, values, and ideas of all five generations, participants gain a better understanding of their coworkers as it relates to their own experience and behavior.  For example, learn what our newest generation, Generation 9/11, and our oldest, the Traditionals, have in common. Both managers and employees will gain insight and learn simple dos and don’ts when dealing with coworkers of different generations. All five generations discuss their own generational traits and that of their coworkers. Learn to communicate better, deal with change, increase productivity, and develop a more respectful workplace. Please Respect My Generation! 5 Generations at Work integrates respect and unity at work for people at all stages of life.

Key Learning Points Include:

  • Learn how each generation is identified and defined.
  • Explore which traits are commonly associated with each generation and how that impacts the workplace.
  • Gain a better understanding of how generational stereotypes, both good and bad, can be as disrespectful as cultural and ethnic ones.
  • Discover how miscommunication between the generations can be avoided.
  • Understand the importance of respect and unity in the workplace for people of all ages.

Opening Lines: Bridging 5 Generations

Length: 23 minutes
DVD Purchase $795
English Subtitles

OpeningLines: Bridging 5 Generations (3 minute opener/closer), Facilitator’s Guide, Reproducible Participant Materials & PowerPoint Presentation on CD-ROM

For more information or to order a video, e-mail or call (800) 682-1261 .

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