Diversity Calendar™

Access to Multicultural Events for Employee Awareness and Engagement

online – interactive – multimedia

“..raised awareness and helped create a more sensitive and accepting workplace”

The Diversity Calendar™ is essential to:

  • create awareness of worldwide holidays and public events
  • build a respectful, inclusive workplace
  • increase the effectiveness of a diverse workforce
  • create efficient workforce scheduling and avoid embarrassing scheduling conflicts
  • contribute to more engaging training — online, interactive, audio, video


The electronic Diversity Calendar™ is available in two forms:

one is to individual users on the Internet and the second is to organizations on their Intranet.

If you are an individual user

or if you plan to make the calendar available to 100 or fewer users, you can purchase a subscription for the calendar based on the number of users. For more information on subscriber licensing, please see our individual subscriber page.

If you plan to make the Diversity Calendar™ available to more than 100 users on your organization’s Intranet

you must purchase the corporate version of the calendar. For more information on the corporate version, including customization options and pricing, please view our corporate page and/or call our office for pricing details at 1-(800) 682-1261.

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