It’s Up to You Stopping Sexual Harassment

It’s Up to You: Stopping Sexual Harassment



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With recent legal changes, it’s more essential than ever before to address and prevent sexual harassment issues in the workplace. The solution is effective training.

The answer is: It’s Up to You: Stopping Sexual Harassment. It’s a complete, up-to-date tool for managers and employees. This series features engaging real scenarios, and an expert hosts, to help your organization to understand and stop sexual harassment. Settings include offices, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, education and hospitality.

Key learning points:

• understand the definition of different types of sexual harassment
• the damaging impact of sexual harassment on organizations and individuals
• how to detect and deter illegal behavior
• how to respond to both the sexual harassment by the manager and the perspectives of the employee

• creating a safe and comfortable working environment
• assessing behavior as a reasonable person
• the correct procedure and protocol for reporting sexual harassment
• prevention and intervention tools for unwelcome behavior

For employees
Join our host, as she explains the law, illustrated by 14 real-world scenarios, demonstrating the most common issues of sexual harassment in today’s organizations. These include touching, insults, jokes , inappropriate computer use, and more. Clear, concise and comprehensive, this version teaches employees how to recognize and stop sexual harassment in their workplace.

23 minutes

For managers
Building on the extensive content of the employee version, this program delves deeper into the problems faced by supervisors and managers when they are struggling with sexual harassment. Each realistic, engaging scenario is followed by in-depth discussions on the tools, techniques, and play to stop the powerful roles that managers and supervisors of sexual harassment.

27 minutes

It’s Up to You : Stopping Sexual Harassment is available on streaming or DVD

Programs include: complete leader’s guide and reproducible training materials, reminder cards and a PowerPoint presentation.

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