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Finally! Here’s a robust, exciting and interactive diversity elearning course that uses multimedia technology to engage your employees! The EDGE Advantage training program blends superior content and delivery methods to increase knowledge and facilitate a better understanding of differences in the workforce; and it is amazingly easy on your training budget!

Why Diversity e-Learning?


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Four courses in The EDGE Advantage© diversity elearning software goes beyond the basics of diversity, leveraging multimedia technology to create an individualized and highly interactive learning environment. The program engages the employee with a virtual workgroup of individuals who are diverse in many ways and have just been assigned to a newly created department. Each course is a 30-to-45 minute interactive learning experience of realistic workplace dynamics. The four courses are:


The Knowledge EDGE© provides the business case for learning about differences and defines the term “diversity” in a way that is easy to understand and is inclusive of everyone.


This diversity elearning course reveals how we are all influenced at a young age by society’s tendency to “group” people together and assign specific characteristics to each group. Members of the team begin to reveal some of their personal experiences and how they have been impacted by the assumptions and stereotypes about their group.


As the team continues to develop in their level of trust and candor, concerns about Affirmative Action, quotas, EEOC Laws and many of the misperceptions related to the legal aspects of diversity surface. Participants learn that employment laws began in the early 1900s to protect worker’s rights, which places the EEOC laws within a broader historical context.


Our diversity elearning software helps participants to understand the internal and external drivers of competitive advantage. They realize that the changing demographics inside their organization increasingly reflect the consumers they are marketing to. They see that their ability to work together effectively has a direct correlation with how successfully they compete in the marketplace, and that how consumers perceive their organization is linked to how they treat their employees.

Interactive exercises include a team assessment tool that allows introspection by participants on barriers to productivity as well as the value of building effective relationships.

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