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Yours is a world of diversity. Differences in culture, race, religion, lifestyle, nationality and more means differences in schedules. Our diversity calendar is essential to track:

  • Religious Observances
  • Ethnic Celebrations
  • Business Closings
  • Lifestyle/LGBT Events
  • Diversity Leaders
  • National Holidays
  • and more

You need a diversity calendar to build awareness and respect, ensure schedules are in sync, and boost productivity. Our calendar is a powerful, yet easy-to-use multimedia tool, already profitting hundreds of Fortune 500, government and educational organizations worldwide. It’s available by subscription on per user basis.


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“Essential in avoiding conflicts, and scheduling work and special events.” – Wells Fargo

“Helps my employees be respectful, and more innovative as a workforce from diverse ethnic, religious, and other backgrounds.” – AT&T

“Helps me do my job more effectively as leader of our diversity programs.” – USPS

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Avoid Disrespect, Conflicts – Avoid embarrassing disrespect, miscommunication, and scheduling conflicts

Save Time – Enjoy easy access to all diversity events – cultural, religious, ethnic and more – anyway, anywhere, any device

Improve Scheduling – Create a more effective workforce, by helping employees with scheduling, and respecting diverse schedules

Leverage Diversity – Gain more benefits from diversity, by leveraging perspectives from diverse groups

Increase Effectiveness – Increase the effectiveness of your diverse workforce, by helping people work together more efficiently and effectively

Engage Employees – Improve engagement of all employees from all backgrounds and perspectives

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Perpetual – subscribe any time. Our calendar is perpetual – always view at least 18 months in the future

Easy Access – easy to access, online tool: laptop, tablet and phone friendly; also available in convenient Outlook edition

Easy to Usepowerful yet easy to use. Drill down by date, subject matter, religion, country and more. Powerful search feature helps you find the information you need

Comprehensive – covers all essential events, both domestic and global: holidays, business closings, religious observances, celebrations, birthdays of notable diversity figures, and more

Interactive Multimedia – interactive multimedia with video, audio, exclusive art, and more

Audio Pronunciation – audio samples give correct pronunciation of key words in other languages

Custom Greetings – send holiday greetings to employees or diversity groups on relevant dates.

Outlook Compatible integrate with Outlook and other calendar programs, for further ease of use

Fully Customizableadd your logo and brand, add/delete themes, add/delete events and more

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