Disbanding the Good Old Boy Network




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Building a Diverse Workforce – Program 8

Disbanding the Good Old Boy Network

The Inclusive Vs. Non Inclusive Organization

A couple of years ago, View Magazine called our series, Diversity: Creating Success for Business and People “one of the best products about diversity on the market.” And customers agreed!

Now, we can offer you a follow-up series from the same company, ARMC. Building a Diverse Workforce for the Global Millennium is a 20-volume series that covers a huge variety of diversity issues.

Each program also presents critical business concepts like building trust and respect, performance appraisals, team building and leadership.

Program #8: “Disbanding The “Good Old Boy” Network: The Inclusive Vs. Non Inclusive Organization”

Many times, new employees, especially those who are different, are not properly introduced and mentored into the organization. In this scenario, your audience will be able to explore the conflicts and potential implications for organizations that fail to have an inclusive, holistic process for mentoring and introductions.


Valorie Bell and Fran Cahan

Key Learning Points

  • Mentoring diverse employees effectively
  • Including employees in the formal and informal organizational networks
  • Developing strategies to retain top talent
  • Communicating effectively on tough issues
  • Understanding the importance of career planning and development
  • Understanding and Preventing Stereotypes

Purchase Includes:

This program is part of the Building a Diverse Workforce in the Global Millennium series. Discounted pricing is available on series purchase.


  • Dramatic Vignettes w/Instruction


  • Diversity
  • Communication
  • Management Skills
  • Mentoring
  • Global Diversity Series


  • Federal, State and Local Governments – 10%
  • Federal Government (GSA) – 25%
  • Non-profit – 10%
  • K-12, University and Graduate Schools – 20%

For more information or to order a video, e-mail diversity@diversityresources.com or call (800) 682-1261 .

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