Customize Your Diversity Calendar

Examples from Esurance, Discovery Channel

esurance custom calendar

Our online Diversity Calendar is fully customizable. Customize it do your delight, to create a seamless component of your diversity program.

Branding – brand the calendar with your logo, colors, fonts and more

Look/Feel – change look/feel to make your calendar more or less global, more or less US-focused, more organization-specific, etc.

Add/Delete Themes – add/delete themes – change monthly themes – or create your own, selecting from our exclusive gallery of world-class diversity artwork

Add/Delete Events – add/delete entries, including your organization’s holidays – mark them with your logo

Add/Delete Content – add tips, guidelines, links, embedded videos and more

Holiday Greetings – add messages to employees on relevant holidays, send custom greetings and more

Discovery Custom Calendar

Cost (one-time)

branding, colors and customization module (add/delete content, etc) – $750

branding / colors only – $250

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