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The Diversity Calendar™ is essential to:

  • create awareness of worldwide holidays and public events
  • build a respectful, inclusive workplace
  • increase the effectiveness of a diverse workforce
  • create efficient workforce scheduling and avoid embarrassing scheduling conflicts
  • contribute to more engaging training — online, interactive, audio, video

Create a Respectful, Inclusive Workplace

The Diversity Calendar™ provides information to help employees from diverse backgrounds communicate more effectively and develop cultural competence through an understanding of different holidays, customs, and events.

Increase the Effectiveness of a Diverse Workforce

“Helps employees create innovative ideas reflecting a workforce of people from diverse ethnic, religious, and other backgrounds.”

Benefit from perspectives generated from a workforce that reflects diversity in race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, multiple generations, and people with disabilities. Engage all of your employees from every background and perspective.

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1000-2000 $1.25 $750
2500-3500 $1.10 $750
4000-5000 $1.00 $750
5500-8000 $.90 $750
10,000 $.75 $500
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Avoid Conflicts in Scheduling Events and Help Monitor Work Schedules

“Very useful in avoiding conflicts when scheduling work and special events”

Easy access to all cultural, religious, ethnic, and national events in one place creates culturally sensitive scheduling of day-to-day work schedules, organizational events, and community activities.

Make Training More Engaging

Make training more effective by making it more engaging. Complement your existing training program with online, interactive, video, audio, food recipes, and world-class art.

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